Alta Technia Systems


Engineering Consulting

ATS provides engineering consulting servicesto "High Tech" clients, such as MTA Maryland, (Maryland Transit Administration).   We have been an integral part ofMTA’s team for its Bus,  Metro and Light Rail properties.    Our specialty has been in the replacement, modernization and optimization of its Intelligent Security System, (ISS) of mobile and fixed CCTV along with Communications, Wireless Data Transmission, Electronic Advertising Displays, Signage and Automated GPS Defined Announcement Systems. 



Project Management

To date, ATS has been involved in more than 22 task orders, valued over $1 million, to support MTA’s transit operations.   As a team consultant, ATS has partnered or worked alongside with such known firms as: Parsons Brinkerhoff, Aecom, Arinc, Skyline Technology Solutions, Dept. of Homeland Security, March Networks, Dedicated Micros, Apollo Systems, Alcatel Lucent and Aralia Systems, to name a few.     Some projects have ranged from individual or partial components to full range overhauls.     Both Transit Vehicle and Depot based efforts have taken place such as Metro Cars, Light Rail Vehicles, Buses, Platforms, Depots, Garages, Parking Lots and Buildings.


Now offering

 At ATS we now offer end solutions and products from a select group of CCTV and Communication Vendors.


DBE/MBE since 2011, (Hispanic Owned) thru Maryland (MDOT) and DC/VA thru WMATA.                 

E-Maryland Marketplace BuySpeed certified vendor and consultant

Small Business Reserve - Maryland

Small Business - Mont. Co., (MD)

Certified by major NVR, DVR and CCTV systems (proprietary)